Gizmo and Gadget are loaded and ready...

After a year of careful design and construction work, they are together on the water and already plans for adventure are in the works. ‘Gizmo’ has been given the green light after sea trials and systems checks. ‘Gadget has been loaded on board along with a couple of seafaring kayaks.

Based in Campbell River, Captain Roger McDonell is a scuba diver, photo/videographer, kayaker, writer and avid boating enthusiast who has worked diligently on bringing a dream to reality. Along with Captain Ian Douglas, we will be out on the water working with marine mammal researchers and film makers. Work will include documenting the adventures of ‘Gizmo’ and the speedy sidekick ‘Gadget’. Traveling the coast of British Columbia seeking out interesting people, places and the latest in marine products will be profiled on this website for your information and entertainment.

The Adventures of Gizmo and Gadget